Hand Made

Stylish Handmade Ceramics and Lamps

For generations, ceramics have been an important part of the human race. They are not only used for decorative and beautification purposes but for other crucial functions as well. Ankyra Home understands the importance of ceramics to you and is committed to ensuring that you get the best quality ceramic products. Ankyra Home prides itself in the delivery of stylish handmade products that are not only chic and beautiful but also 2able to stoically stand the test of time. Our range of products are handcrafted and handmade in Turkey.

The ceramics that we provide are made in Kutahya – Center Anatolia. 90% of these products are designed and handmade in workshops housed in residential buildings and are often worked on by housewives. We give them an opportunity to make their days productive. After sending their husbands to work and kids to school, they come down the workshops and paint the ceramics.

The entire process of designing and producing the products are done by hand by some of the best artisans. The mud is molded and shaped by hand while wet by our skilled and talented experts. The mud is molded into plates, tiles, accessories, and bowls then dried for 72 hours. Cleaning is also done by hand to make them flawlessly smooth. After the cleaning, the biscuits are fired at temperatures of between 950-1050 degrees for a period of 12 hours after which they are left to cool for 20 hours.

After the first firing, we have our skilled artists draw elegant designs on the biscuits. The coloring is done by homemade metal oxides and the artists draw the designs from their heads which allow room for creativity. After drawing of the designs, the products are then glazed in preparation for the second firing. Quality control and packing is the last step which is followed by delivery to the clients.

We also provide beautiful lamps that come in a variety of styles and designs. The lamps too are totally handmade. They are created in Istanbul, especially in the Sultanahmet area. We have small workshops in which talented lamp-makers work round the clock to ensure that nothing short of the finest quality lamps are produced. The skill of lamp making by hand is a tradition that has been passed down generations and we are still holding on to it as it guarantees quality, variety and beauty.

Lamps made with original colored glass, no painting. Therefore the colors will never fade away. You can pass your lamps to generations just like the making of them.

Check out our range of products today and get yourself an incredible handmade ceramics and lamps.