Lead Free

 Lead in small amounts is part of our environment. In general, this low exposure to lead does not pose a significant public health concern.

 However, exposure to larger amounts of lead can cause lead poisoning, which can affect nearly every bodily system.

Ankyra Home is buying from the same supplier since 2011. Our supplier is well known in Istanbul and they only supply us from the top workshops in Kutahya, Turkey.

All of our ceramic pottery is lead-free and non-toxic. The paints and clays we use are totally safe for you and your family.

The glazes are properly formulated and fired at a high temperature, the lead is sealed. 

However, we still have to warn you for below:

- Try not to use your ceramics for daily use for food. Using them for special occasions and guests will definitely help to keep them longer.

- Do not Microwave or Dish-wash your ceramics. Excess heat can cause damage on the glaze.

- Do not use broken or chipped products for food.