Deliveries and returns

Ankyra Home endeavors to provide you with a wide variety of amazing quality products that will certainly satisfy your every home deco product needs. We are particularly keen on ensuring that delivery does not stand in your way of getting the products of your desire. It is for this that we have set up an ideal delivery strategy that caters for the delivery right from the time of the order through to when you receive it. Our delivery services have been designed to comprehensively take care of the delivery process.

Guaranteeing our clients affordable deliveries is among our key priorities here at Ankyra Home. In order to ensure this, we have set the costs of delivery with regards to the destination of the delivery. For Hong Kong and Macau, we offer free deliveries on orders worth 500 hkd and above. For orders that cost less than 500 hkd, we charge only 50 hkd for the delivery.

For the other Asian countries, we provide free deliveries for orders worth 600 hkd and above. Deliveries for orders that are less than 600 hkd are charged at 80 hkd per delivery. To the rest of the world, our free deliveries are available for orders that cost more than 700 hkd. If the order is less than 700 hkd, then it is charged at 120 hkd per delivery.

We value the swift delivery of our products to our clients. Our objective is to considerably minimize the wait time the customer has to endure before acquiring their order. We, therefore, dispatch any order within 2 working days. You can, therefore, rest assured that you will get your order within the shortest period of time. We have also partnered with reputable shipping companies that offer both swiftness and reliability. We work with SF Express and the Hong Kong post to deliver to you impeccable delivery services.

Another important element of our delivery services here at Ankyra Home is the safety and security of the order while on transit. From the choice of shipping companies we work with to the quality of packing material we use, we strive to ensure that your order reaches you in one perfect piece. You should, therefore, be guaranteed of the safety and security of your order throughout the delivery process.

Ankyra Homes is a customer oriented company that strives to realize the total satisfaction of each and every one of its customers. We value the complete satisfaction of our customers and have tailored our services to ensure that they get exactly what they want. We have a return policy that caters for the customer’s needs. If the delivered box is either damaged or broken, you should not accept it. Get in touch with us with the issue and we will work on replacing or refunding. If the box is ok but the product is either broken or chipped, simply take a picture of it and email it to us. We will send you a new product as a replacement or give you an immediate refund.

If the product we deliver doesn’t meet your desire, return it within 5 working days and we will give a full refund. The customer pays for the shipment cost.